Disinfection protocol

Cleaning protocol set up in our accommodations.

Les Vignes" accommodation has always obtained the highest marks for cleanliness on all the booking sites from day one.

The health crisis experienced by covid-19 leads us to further improve the disinfection measures already implemented.

The list below is not exhaustive, its purpose is to shed light on the main cleaning measures carried out by us.

Particular attention is paid to the following elements:

Systematic disinfection in the kitchen

  • condiments (oil bottles, pepper pots, salt shakers, spices and frequently used containers, etc.).
  • chairs with rigid backs, tables and various supports.
  • the sink, various household appliances.

Systematic disinfection of all parts of the washroom and toilets.

Systematic disinfection in the home:

  • clothes hangers.
  • bedside tables.
  • Remote-controlled switches, door and window handles.
  • Lamps
  • out of the garbage
  • Ironing boards and irons
  • Keys
  • Railings

Household linen is put in the machine using a disinfectant detergent (Sanytol) at the highest temperature recommended by the manufacturer: sheets, mattress covers, towels and bath towels, tea towels.